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K-Tube Direct is our online store. Here, you have instant access to catalog and stock tubing. We have over 150 parts available, so you can get raw material quickly and easily. All shipments come with full raw-material certifications, and if you place your order before noon Central time, we’ll ship it that same day.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for in our online store, or if you would like to purchase larger volumes from the millions of feet we have on the shelf, call 800.394.0058 or send an email to sales@k-tube.com and one of our Customer Service Representatives will prepare a quotation for you. International transactions are subject to additional review and will require shipment against your account number. Some international customers may also need to sign up for a PayPal account to complete the transaction (US domestic customers only need a credit card).

Part NumberAlloyOD NominalID NominalNom WallLengthPriceStockQuantity (5 ft total each)
K6R3040.203 in0.173 in0.0150 in60 in$150.00436
MS0275-01653040.0276 in0.0164 in0.0056 in60 in$150.00240
MS028-024G3040.0283 in0.0245 in0.0018 in60 in$150.002461
MS035-0233040.0350 in0.0230 in0.0060 in60 in$150.00343
MS083-0703040.0830 in0.0690 in0.0070 in60 in$150.00212
MS0955-0743040.0955 in0.0740 in0.0107 in60 in$150.008
MS16T3040.0650 in0.0535 in0.0057 in60 in$150.00197
MS18E3040.0500 in0.0420 in0.0040 in60 in$150.00405
MSJ0140-0073040.0140 in0.0070 in0.0035 in54 in$150.00517
MSJ020-013-304L304L0.0205 in0.0135 in0.0035 in60 in$150.00201
MSJ0256-0194-304L304L0.0256 in0.0194 in0.0031 in59 in$150.00258
MSJ17E3040.0580 in0.0500 in0.0040 in60 in$150.00966.000000
MSJA0130-003T3040.0130 in0.0030 in0.0050 in60 in$150.00371
M22T3040.0283 in0.0198 in0.0042 in60 in$150.00238
M23E3040.0253 in0.0193 in0.0030 in60 in$150.00178
M24E3040.0223 in0.0163 in0.0030 in60 in$150.00180
M25E3040.0203 in0.0143 in0.0030 in60 in$150.00181
M26E3040.0183 in0.0138 in0.0022 in60 in$150.00274
M27E3040.0163 in0.0123 in0.0020 in60 in$150.0034
M28E3040.0143 in0.0105 in0.0018 in60 in$150.00500
M29E3040.0133 in0.0095 in0.0018 in60 in$150.00242
M30E3040.0123 in0.0085 in0.0018 in60 in$150.00550
M7T3040.1800 in0.1600 in0.0100 in60 in$150.00167
M8T3040.1650 in0.1450 in0.0100 in60 in$150.0019
M9T3040.1480 in0.1280 in0.0100 in60 in$150.00562
MJ018-01453040.0183 in0.0145 in0.0018 in60 in$150.00138
MJ28E3040.0143 in0.0105 in0.0018 in60 in$150.00125
MS0132-0073040.0133 in0.0074 in0.0029 in60 in$150.00647
MS0160-013G3040.0163 in0.0131 in0.0015 in60 in$150.00423
MS0165-01163040.0165 in0.0116 in0.0024 in60 in$150.001160
M0255-01953040.0253 in0.0195 in0.0028 in60 in$150.0085.000000
M033-0263040.0329 in0.0260 in0.0034 in60 in$150.00161
M065-0535-I625I6250.0650 in0.0535 in0.0057 in60 in$250.00729
M074-0663040.0740 in0.0658 in0.0041 in60 in$150.0079
M11R-CF3040.1200 in0.0940 in0.0130 in60 in$150.00234
M12E3040.1090 in0.0950 in0.0070 in60 in$150.00391
M13E3040.0950 in0.0810 in0.0070 in60 in$150.00224
M14T3040.0830 in0.0673 in0.0079 in60 in$150.00146.000000
M151-1353040.1510 in0.1350 in0.0080 in60 in$150.00539
M15E3040.0720 in0.0625 in0.0047 in60 in$150.00200
M15T3040.0720 in0.0605 in0.0057 in60 in$150.00636
M16E3040.0650 in0.0555 in0.0047 in60 in$150.00514
M16T3040.0650 in0.0535 in0.0057 in60 in$150.00745
M17T3040.0580 in0.0475 in0.0052 in60 in$150.00450
M18E-316L316L0.0500 in0.0420 in0.0040 in60 in$150.00123
M19E3040.0420 in0.0350 in0.0035 in60 in$150.00316
M20E3040.0358 in0.0278 in0.0040 in60 in$150.0039
M21E3040.0323 in0.0253 in0.0035 in60 in$150.00206
M22E3040.0283 in0.0223 in0.0030 in60 in$150.00443
K30R3040.0123 in0.0063 in0.0030 in60 in$150.00380
K31T3040.0103 in0.0063 in0.0020 in60 in$150.00139
K32R3040.0093 in0.0043 in0.0025 in60 in$150.00312
K34R3040.0073 in0.0033 in0.0020 in60 in$150.0040
K7R3040.1800 in0.1500 in0.0150 in60 in$150.00360
K8R3040.1650 in0.1350 in0.0150 in60 in$150.00112
KA0120-003H2-316L316L0.0123 in0.0033 in0.0045 in60 in$150.00290
KA0122-006H03040.0123 in0.0060 in0.0031 in60 in$150.00460
KA020-0053040.0203 in0.0050 in0.0076 in60 in$150.00389
KA025-00853040.0253 in0.0088 in0.0082 in60 in$150.00224
KA028-0123040.0280 in0.0120 in0.0080 in60 in$150.00368
KA036-022-4304300.0370 in0.0218 in0.0076 in60 in$150.00189
KA042-0183040.0420 in0.0183 in0.0119 in60 in$150.006
KA0425-0123040.0425 in0.0123 in0.0151 in60 in$150.00180.000000
M0103-00653040.0103 in0.0063 in0.0020 in60 in$150.00265
M0105-00653040.0103 in0.0067 in0.0018 in60 in$150.00114
M020-01253040.0203 in0.0125 in0.0038 in60 in$150.0052.000000
M022-01253040.0223 in0.0126 in0.0048 in60 in$150.0013.000000
M023-01753040.0233 in0.0175 in0.0028 in60 in$150.00345
K21T3040.0323 in0.0233 in0.0045 in60 in$150.00440
K22R3040.0283 in0.0163 in0.0060 in60 in$150.00436
K22T-316L316L0.0283 in0.0198 in0.0042 in60 in$150.00318.000000
K22T3040.0283 in0.0198 in0.0042 in60 in$150.00183
K23E3040.0253 in0.0193 in0.0030 in60 in$150.00609
K23R3040.0253 in0.0133 in0.0060 in60 in$150.00102
K23T3040.0253 in0.0173 in0.0040 in60 in$150.0081
K24R3040.0223 in0.0123 in0.0050 in60 in$150.00241
K24T3040.0223 in0.0145 in0.0038 in60 in$150.00504
K24U3040.0223 in0.0183 in0.0020 in60 in$150.0038
K25T3040.0203 in0.0123 in0.0040 in60 in$150.00184
K26R3040.0183 in0.0103 in0.0040 in60 in$150.00134
K26T3040.0183 in0.0123 in0.0030 in60 in$150.00122
K27R3040.0163 in0.0083 in0.0040 in60 in$150.00239
K27T-316L316L0.0163 in0.0103 in0.0030 in60 in$150.00285
K27T3040.0163 in0.0103 in0.0030 in60 in$150.0040
K28T3040.0143 in0.0093 in0.0025 in60 in$150.00213
K29R3040.0133 in0.0073 in0.0030 in60 in$150.00202
K29T3040.0133 in0.0085 in0.0023 in60 in$150.00200
K125-0873040.1251 in0.0860 in0.0195 in60 in$150.00119
K129-121G-177P177P0.1290 in0.1213 in0.0039 in60 in$200.00121
K12R3040.1090 in0.0850 in0.0120 in60 in$150.0087
K12T3040.1090 in0.0910 in0.0090 in60 in$150.0064
K134-0953040.1340 in0.0960 in0.0190 in60 in$150.00175
K13R3040.0950 in0.0710 in0.0120 in60 in$150.00200
K13T3040.0950 in0.0770 in0.0090 in60 in$150.00276
K14R3040.0830 in0.0630 in0.0100 in60 in$150.00225
K14T3040.0830 in0.0673 in0.0079 in60 in$150.0039
K15R3040.0720 in0.0540 in0.0090 in60 in$150.00346
K17R3040.0580 in0.0420 in0.0080 in60 in$150.0028
K18R3040.0500 in0.0330 in0.0085 in60 in$150.0021
K18T3040.0500 in0.0385 in0.0057 in60 in$150.00220
K19R3040.0420 in0.0270 in0.0075 in60 in$150.00549
K19T3040.0420 in0.0325 in0.0047 in60 in$150.00678
K20R3040.0358 in0.0238 in0.0060 in60 in$150.00168
K20T3040.0358 in0.0264 in0.0046 in60 in$150.00485
K21R-316L316L0.0323 in0.0203 in0.0060 in60 in$150.0028.000000
K21R3040.0323 in0.0203 in0.0060 in60 in$150.00235
K0322-0133040.0323 in0.0130 in0.0096 in60 in$150.002495
K034-02623040.0343 in0.0263 in0.0040 in60 in$150.001842
K0355-02153040.0358 in0.0215 in0.0071 in60 in$150.00560
K036-01153040.0360 in0.0120 in0.0120 in60 in$150.00313
K039-0253040.0402 in0.0255 in0.0073 in60 in$150.00130
K042-0233040.0425 in0.0227 in0.0099 in60 in$150.00278.000000
K049-0333040.0490 in0.0328 in0.0081 in60 in$150.005272.000000
K060-0433040.0600 in0.0420 in0.0090 in60 in$150.00888
K066-04853040.0665 in0.0485 in0.0090 in60 in$150.00460.000000
K087-0493040.0870 in0.0490 in0.0190 in60 in$150.00160
K093-0563040.0930 in0.0560 in0.0185 in60 in$150.00646
K100-0823040.1000 in0.0820 in0.0090 in60 in$150.00314
K109-0863040.1090 in0.0860 in0.0115 in60 in$150.00639.000000
K10R3040.1340 in0.1060 in0.0140 in60 in$150.0033
K10T3040.1340 in0.1140 in0.0100 in60 in$150.0063
K11R3040.1200 in0.0940 in0.0130 in60 in$150.00224
B025-01753040.0253 in0.0173 in0.0040 in60 in$150.00189
B050-0303040.0500 in0.0300 in0.0100 in60 in$150.009
B050-033-316L316L0.0500 in0.0330 in0.0085 in60 in$150.0092.000000
B0503-042G3040.0503 in0.0420 in0.0041 in60 in$150.001873.000000
B065-060G-RD3040.0650 in0.0598 in0.0026 in60 in$150.001706
B083-0693040.0830 in0.0690 in0.0070 in60 in$150.00461
B0835-0623040.0835 in0.0620 in0.0107 in60 in$150.00410.000000
B10T3040.1340 in0.1140 in0.0100 in60 in$150.0053.000000
B19T-316L316L0.0420 in0.0325 in0.0047 in60 in$150.00126.000000
K0062-0023040.0063 in0.0021 in0.0020 in60 in$150.00699
K0123-0043040.0123 in0.0040 in0.0041 in60 in$150.001100.000000
K013-00713040.0130 in0.0070 in0.0030 in63 in$150.0053
K014-00653040.0143 in0.0065 in0.0038 in60 in$150.00185.000000
K016-0063040.0163 in0.0060 in0.0051 in60 in$150.00164
K019-0143040.0193 in0.0143 in0.0025 in60 in$150.00345
K0248-01703040.0248 in0.0170 in0.0038 in49 in$150.00296
K025-01253040.0253 in0.0123 in0.0065 in60 in$150.00266
K026-0213040.0263 in0.0203 in0.0030 in60 in$150.00213
K032-016-316L316L0.0323 in0.0160 in0.0081 in60 in$150.00437

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