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K-Tube Direct is our online store. Here, you have instant access to catalog and stock tubing. We have over 150 parts available, so you can get raw material quickly and easily. All shipments come with full raw-material certifications, and if you place your order before noon Pacific time, we’ll ship it that same day.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for in our online store, or if you would like to purchase larger volumes from the millions of feet we have on the shelf, call 800.394.0058 or send an email to sales@k-tube.com and one of our Customer Service Representatives will prepare a quotation for you. International transactions are subject to additional review and will require shipment against your account number. Some international customers may also need to sign up for a PayPal account to complete the transaction (US domestic customers only need a credit card).

Part NumberAlloyOD NominalID NominalNom WallLengthPriceStockQuantity (5 ft total each)
MS0275-01653040.700 mm0.415 mm0.142 mm1.52 meters$150.00240
MS028-02053040.718 mm0.521 mm0.097 mm1.52 meters$150.0084
MS028-024G3040.718 mm0.622 mm0.046 mm1.52 meters$150.002582
MS035-0233040.889 mm0.584 mm0.152 mm1.52 meters$150.00374
MS083-0703042.108 mm1.753 mm0.178 mm1.52 meters$150.00173
MS0955-0743042.426 mm1.880 mm0.272 mm1.52 meters$150.00124
MS16T3041.651 mm1.359 mm0.145 mm1.52 meters$150.00199
MS18E3041.270 mm1.067 mm0.102 mm1.52 meters$150.00565
MSJ0140-0073040.356 mm0.178 mm0.089 mm1.52 meters$150.00596
MSJ020-013-304L304L0.521 mm0.343 mm0.089 mm1.52 meters$150.00221
MSJ0256-0194-304L304L0.650 mm0.493 mm0.079 mm1.52 meters$150.00259
MSJ17E3041.473 mm1.270 mm0.102 mm1.52 meters$150.00966
MSJA0130-003T3040.330 mm0.076 mm0.127 mm1.52 meters$150.00381
M22T3040.718 mm0.502 mm0.107 mm1.52 meters$150.00670
M23E3040.641 mm0.489 mm0.076 mm1.52 meters$150.00200
M24E3040.565 mm0.413 mm0.076 mm1.52 meters$150.00294
M25E3040.514 mm0.362 mm0.076 mm1.52 meters$150.00200
M26E3040.464 mm0.349 mm0.056 mm1.52 meters$150.00337
M27E3040.413 mm0.311 mm0.051 mm1.52 meters$150.00225
M28E3040.362 mm0.267 mm0.046 mm1.52 meters$150.00200
M29E3040.337 mm0.241 mm0.046 mm1.52 meters$150.00424
M30E3040.311 mm0.216 mm0.046 mm1.52 meters$150.00200
M7T3044.572 mm4.064 mm0.254 mm1.52 meters$150.00166
M8T3044.191 mm3.683 mm0.254 mm1.52 meters$150.0059
M9T3043.759 mm3.251 mm0.254 mm1.52 meters$150.00195
MJ018-01453040.464 mm0.368 mm0.046 mm1.52 meters$150.00141
MJ28E3040.362 mm0.267 mm0.046 mm1.52 meters$150.00255
MS0132-0073040.337 mm0.187 mm0.074 mm1.52 meters$150.00773
MS0160-013G3040.413 mm0.333 mm0.038 mm1.52 meters$150.00150
MS0165-01163040.419 mm0.295 mm0.061 mm1.52 meters$150.00105
MS022-01753040.565 mm0.445 mm0.058 mm1.52 meters$150.00144
MS027-0193040.679 mm0.479 mm0.099 mm1.52 meters$150.00245
M0255-01953040.641 mm0.495 mm0.071 mm1.52 meters$150.0085
M033-0263040.834 mm0.660 mm0.086 mm1.52 meters$150.00171
M062-052-316L316L1.575 mm1.321 mm0.127 mm1.52 meters$150.00164
M065-0535-I625I6251.651 mm1.359 mm0.145 mm1.52 meters$250.00740
M074-0663041.880 mm1.670 mm0.104 mm1.52 meters$150.00189
M11R-CF3043.048 mm2.388 mm0.330 mm1.52 meters$150.00200
M12E3042.769 mm2.413 mm0.178 mm1.52 meters$150.00506
M13E3042.413 mm2.057 mm0.178 mm1.52 meters$150.00362
M14T3042.108 mm1.708 mm0.201 mm1.52 meters$150.00146
M151-1353043.835 mm3.429 mm0.203 mm1.52 meters$150.00576
M15E3041.829 mm1.588 mm0.119 mm1.52 meters$150.00532
M15T3041.829 mm1.537 mm0.145 mm1.52 meters$150.00622
M16E3041.651 mm1.410 mm0.119 mm1.52 meters$150.00180
M16T3041.651 mm1.359 mm0.145 mm1.52 meters$150.00940
M17T3041.473 mm1.207 mm0.132 mm1.52 meters$150.00400
M18E-316L316L1.270 mm1.067 mm0.102 mm1.52 meters$150.00143
M19E3041.067 mm0.889 mm0.089 mm1.52 meters$150.00323
M20E3040.908 mm0.705 mm0.102 mm1.52 meters$150.00274
M21E3040.819 mm0.641 mm0.089 mm1.52 meters$150.00232
M22E3040.718 mm0.565 mm0.076 mm1.52 meters$150.00550
K30R3040.311 mm0.159 mm0.076 mm1.52 meters$150.00393
K31T3040.260 mm0.159 mm0.051 mm1.52 meters$150.00358
K32R3040.235 mm0.108 mm0.064 mm1.52 meters$150.00465
K34R3040.184 mm0.083 mm0.051 mm1.52 meters$150.00200
K7R3044.572 mm3.810 mm0.381 mm1.52 meters$150.00252
K8R3044.191 mm3.429 mm0.381 mm1.52 meters$150.00200
KA0120-003H2-316L316L0.311 mm0.083 mm0.114 mm1.52 meters$150.00310
KA0122-006H03040.311 mm0.152 mm0.079 mm1.52 meters$150.00470
KA020-0053040.514 mm0.127 mm0.193 mm1.52 meters$150.00559
KA025-00853040.641 mm0.222 mm0.208 mm1.52 meters$150.00228
KA028-0123040.711 mm0.305 mm0.203 mm1.52 meters$150.00400
KA036-022-4304300.940 mm0.552 mm0.193 mm1.52 meters$150.00189
KA042-0183041.067 mm0.464 mm0.302 mm1.52 meters$150.00160
KA0425-0123041.080 mm0.311 mm0.384 mm1.52 meters$150.00180
M0103-00653040.260 mm0.159 mm0.051 mm1.52 meters$150.00300
M0105-00653040.260 mm0.169 mm0.046 mm1.52 meters$150.00156
M020-01253040.514 mm0.318 mm0.097 mm1.52 meters$150.0052
M020-01653040.514 mm0.413 mm0.051 mm1.52 meters$150.0061
M022-01253040.565 mm0.319 mm0.122 mm1.52 meters$150.0013
M023-01753040.591 mm0.445 mm0.071 mm1.52 meters$150.00406
K21T3040.819 mm0.591 mm0.114 mm1.52 meters$150.00200
K22R3040.718 mm0.413 mm0.152 mm1.52 meters$150.00556
K22T-316L316L0.718 mm0.502 mm0.107 mm1.52 meters$150.00318
K22T3040.718 mm0.502 mm0.107 mm1.52 meters$150.00224
K23E3040.641 mm0.489 mm0.076 mm1.52 meters$150.00641
K23R3040.641 mm0.337 mm0.152 mm1.52 meters$150.00244
K23T3040.641 mm0.438 mm0.102 mm1.52 meters$150.00200
K24R3040.565 mm0.311 mm0.127 mm1.52 meters$150.00292
K24T3040.565 mm0.368 mm0.097 mm1.52 meters$150.00743
K24U3040.565 mm0.464 mm0.051 mm1.52 meters$150.0028
K25R3040.514 mm0.260 mm0.127 mm1.52 meters$150.00200
K25T3040.514 mm0.311 mm0.102 mm1.52 meters$150.00200
K26R3040.464 mm0.260 mm0.102 mm1.52 meters$150.00200
K26T3040.464 mm0.311 mm0.076 mm1.52 meters$150.00365
K27R3040.413 mm0.210 mm0.102 mm1.52 meters$150.00200
K27T-316L316L0.413 mm0.260 mm0.076 mm1.52 meters$150.00580
K27T3040.413 mm0.260 mm0.076 mm1.52 meters$150.00228
K28T3040.362 mm0.235 mm0.064 mm1.52 meters$150.00206
K29R3040.337 mm0.184 mm0.076 mm1.52 meters$150.00200
K29T3040.337 mm0.216 mm0.058 mm1.52 meters$150.00280
K125-0873043.178 mm2.184 mm0.495 mm1.52 meters$150.00145
K129-121G-177P177P3.277 mm3.080 mm0.099 mm1.52 meters$200.00142
K12R3042.769 mm2.159 mm0.305 mm1.52 meters$150.00200
K12T3042.769 mm2.311 mm0.229 mm1.52 meters$150.00342
K134-0953043.404 mm2.438 mm0.483 mm1.52 meters$150.00175
K13R3042.413 mm1.803 mm0.305 mm1.52 meters$150.00412
K13T3042.413 mm1.956 mm0.229 mm1.52 meters$150.00278
K14R3042.108 mm1.600 mm0.254 mm1.52 meters$150.00381
K14T3042.108 mm1.708 mm0.201 mm1.52 meters$150.00432
K15R3041.829 mm1.372 mm0.229 mm1.52 meters$150.00496
K16R3041.651 mm1.194 mm0.229 mm1.52 meters$150.00296
K17R3041.473 mm1.067 mm0.203 mm1.52 meters$150.0088
K18R3041.270 mm0.838 mm0.216 mm1.52 meters$150.00496
K18T3041.270 mm0.978 mm0.145 mm1.52 meters$150.00200
K19R3041.067 mm0.686 mm0.191 mm1.52 meters$150.00500
K19T3041.067 mm0.826 mm0.119 mm1.52 meters$150.00864
K20R3040.908 mm0.603 mm0.152 mm1.52 meters$150.00308
K20T3040.908 mm0.671 mm0.117 mm1.52 meters$150.00500
K21R-316L316L0.819 mm0.514 mm0.152 mm1.52 meters$150.0028
K21R3040.819 mm0.514 mm0.152 mm1.52 meters$150.00247
K0322-0133040.819 mm0.330 mm0.244 mm1.52 meters$150.002517
K034-02623040.870 mm0.667 mm0.102 mm1.52 meters$150.001843
K0355-02153040.908 mm0.546 mm0.180 mm1.52 meters$150.00714
K036-01153040.914 mm0.305 mm0.305 mm1.52 meters$150.00318
K039-0253041.021 mm0.648 mm0.185 mm1.52 meters$150.00172
K042-0233041.080 mm0.577 mm0.251 mm1.52 meters$150.00278
K042-0263041.080 mm0.660 mm0.208 mm1.52 meters$150.0048
K0465-02953041.181 mm0.749 mm0.216 mm1.52 meters$150.00158
K049-0333041.245 mm0.832 mm0.206 mm1.52 meters$150.005272
K060-0433041.524 mm1.067 mm0.229 mm1.52 meters$150.001044
K066-04853041.689 mm1.232 mm0.229 mm1.52 meters$150.00460
K087-0493042.210 mm1.245 mm0.483 mm1.52 meters$150.00181
K093-0563042.362 mm1.422 mm0.470 mm1.52 meters$150.00648
K095-0783042.417 mm1.969 mm0.224 mm1.52 meters$150.00146
K100-0823042.540 mm2.083 mm0.229 mm1.52 meters$150.00329
K109-0863042.769 mm2.184 mm0.292 mm1.52 meters$150.00639
K10R3043.404 mm2.692 mm0.356 mm1.52 meters$150.00235
K10T3043.404 mm2.896 mm0.254 mm1.52 meters$150.00283
K11R3043.048 mm2.388 mm0.330 mm1.52 meters$150.00200
K11T3043.048 mm2.540 mm0.254 mm1.52 meters$150.00468
B025-01753040.641 mm0.438 mm0.102 mm1.52 meters$150.0037
B050-0303041.270 mm0.762 mm0.254 mm1.52 meters$150.00159
B050-033-316L316L1.270 mm0.838 mm0.216 mm1.52 meters$150.0092
B0503-042G3041.276 mm1.067 mm0.104 mm1.52 meters$150.001873
B065-060G-RD3041.651 mm1.518 mm0.066 mm1.52 meters$150.001871
B083-0693042.108 mm1.753 mm0.178 mm1.52 meters$150.00476
B0835-0623042.121 mm1.575 mm0.272 mm1.52 meters$150.00410
B10T3043.404 mm2.896 mm0.254 mm1.52 meters$150.0053
B19T-316L316L1.067 mm0.826 mm0.119 mm1.52 meters$150.00126
K0062-0023040.159 mm0.053 mm0.051 mm1.52 meters$150.00860
K0123-0043040.311 mm0.102 mm0.104 mm1.52 meters$150.001100
K013-00553040.330 mm0.152 mm0.089 mm1.52 meters$150.007945
K013-00713040.330 mm0.178 mm0.076 mm1.52 meters$150.0094
K014-00653040.362 mm0.165 mm0.097 mm1.52 meters$150.00185
K016-0063040.413 mm0.152 mm0.130 mm1.52 meters$150.00224
K019-0143040.489 mm0.362 mm0.064 mm1.52 meters$150.00348
K0248-01703040.629 mm0.432 mm0.097 mm1.52 meters$150.00317
K025-01253040.641 mm0.311 mm0.165 mm1.52 meters$150.00873
K026-0213040.667 mm0.514 mm0.076 mm1.52 meters$150.00374
K032-016-316L316L0.819 mm0.406 mm0.206 mm1.52 meters$150.00480

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