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    Meet K-Tube Design.

    Custom stainless tubing requires unique manufacturing options. The K-Tube Design manufacturing process can make that happen.

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    Stop waiting in line.

    K-Tube’s customer service teams are strategically assigned so they can respond quickly to each customer’s individual timeframe.

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    Expect premium quality for every inch you get.

    Whether you’re ordering online or designing custom tubing, your order gets checked and rechecked by our on-site QC lab.

Welcome to K-Tube Technologies

K-Tube is the largest producer of miniature stainless steel tubing in the United States and the only manufacturer to offer stock and custom tubing direct from the source. That means, we handle every step in the manufacturing process—from choosing the raw materials and laser-welding the tubing, to cutting, finishing, and delivering exactly the tubing you need.

Want help designing custom tubing? Start a conversation with one of our engineers to begin a collaborative R&D process. Learn More »

Ready to transfer your design to production? Submit your specs to K-Tube Design to manufacture your custom tubing.  Learn More »

Need tubing quickly to keep your project moving? Check out K-Tube Direct—our online store that allows you to order stock and catalog items for overnight shipping.  Learn More »