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Frequently Asked Questions

How is miniature stainless steel tubing manufactured?

K-Tube uses premium flat strip stock, which is roll-formed to precise dimensions and then fused using a laser. Then we draw and cold-work “sink” the welded stock to the desired dimensions.

To learn how K-Tube has been manufacturing stainless steel tubing for over 40 years, take a look at our How It's Made page.

What does the part number mean?

Everything you need to know about K-Tube’s product design can be found in the part number. Each letter/number combination represents something specific about how the tube was made. And once you understand what the numbers mean, you can easily design custom tubing to your exact specifications. Check our Product Number and Design Guide for more information.

What finishes does K-Tube offer?

K-Tube offers three ID finishes: welded and drawn, plug/mandrel drawn and brite plug/mandrel draw (premium ID surface finish).

Welded and drawn

Our cleanest and most common finish. Used in many applications, this is the most economical solution for most people.

Plug/mandrel drawn

Stylet insertion or flow applications may benefit from this finish because it provides an improved surface over welded and drawn.

Brite plug/mandrel drawn (premium ID surface finish)

Our smoothest, brightest finish is nearly mirror quality and displays a level of excellence unmatched in the industry.

What is your minimum order requirement?

You can buy a single 5′ length through K-Tube Direct, or request a small engineering run through K-Tube Discover. For typical manufacturing runs, we have a 500 ft minimum, or a 1,000 cut-piece minimum. Please discuss your needs with a customer service representative.

What is the maximum OD/wall you offer?

Typically, a 6 gage (0.202-0.204 inch) is our maximum advertised size. K-Tube is capable of producing a larger OD up to 0.250 inch but with no tempering and in coil form only. The maximum wall offered is approximately 0.0185 inch on sizes over 0.100 inch OD and is subject to raw material availability.

What is the smallest tube you make?

K-Tube is able to produce tubing as small as 36 gage. OD range is 0.004-0.005 inch, and ID range is 0.002-0.003 inch. That's smaller than a human hair!

Do you cut tubing to length?

K-Tube offers several cutting solutions. They include electrolytic cutting, laser cutting, score/break cutting, electrochemical grinding, chop cutting and standard shear cut.

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