All your tubing needs from a single source.

Exploring the materials, processes, and finishes that might work for your product can get complicated. That’s why we’ve created 3 ways to interact with K-Tube. Each way works a little differently, but they all make sure that you’re getting the best service and tubing that will meet your project’s needs. We can help with idea development, quality assurance, manufacturing, and delivery.

Develop highly customized solutions that are engineered for your product.

K-Tube Discover is engineer-to-engineer interaction, for those who need help solving a problem, figuring out constraints, or creating a range of custom options to see which would work best for an application.

Move your design into production.

K-Tube Design combines your custom specs with our manufacturing process to produce tubing that is designed, made, cut, and delivered on your terms.

Get parts for your prototypes—quickly.

K-Tube Direct gets you low volume batches of stock or catalog parts quickly. You can order and pay online and get your lengths in less than 2 days.