What is K-Tube Design?badge_design

K-Tube Design is for manufacturing of mid- to high- volume runs of a custom tubing order. Once you have your design criteria locked down and you’re ready to transfer to production, your order will be assigned to our K-Tube Design team.

Who uses K-Tube Design?

K-Tube Design is primarily used by purchasing and supply chain professionals who have products that are no longer in research and development. These products are ready to be transferred to production. K-Tube matches the final design specifications with a unique K-Tube Design part number that represents the manufacturability of your tubing. The result is a tube that has been designed for your application.

To see how the part numbers work, check out the Product Number and Design Guide.

What is Design manufacturing?

Design manufacturing uses your specs to produce consistent, high quality K-Tube tubing that is designed, made, cut, and delivered on your terms.

What can you expect?

You’ll get custom metal tubing that has been made by a team with an attention for detail so that your finished product exactly matches the needs of your design, application, and time frame.

How does it work?

When your order comes in, we assign it to specialized customer service teams so we can be accurate and efficient with our responses.

Catalog orders

These are the fastest transactions. There’s a good chance your order will already be in stock.

Repeat orders

We can set up a Kanban or other supply agreement to ensure that we’re always able to respond to your tubing needs in a timely manner.

Custom specs

We may propose validation runs or collaborate with you to make sure your design requirements are met when we manufacture custom volumes. Once we’ve met them, we’ll create a custom K-Tube part number to lock your manufacture-ready specs into place.

Fiber Optic tubing

We have a team and manufacturing facility dedicated to this specialized tubing, so you can be confident you’ll get a knowledgeable response.