K-Tube Discover Prototype Your Project

What Is Discover?

Discover is a project in the research and development phase. It combines quick turnaround manufacturing with an on-site metallurgy lab and a dedicated advisory team to develop a working prototype that meets a unique set of specifications.

Who Needs Discover?

Discover is for engineers who need help designing non-stock tubing that has unique specifications or that serves a unique purpose.

What Is the Discover Center?

The Discover Center is the space we’ve dedicated to idea development and rapid prototyping. You’ll work with our team of application engineers, tube designers, raw materials experts, and quality assurance managers—People who understand how to use metallurgy to get your product to perform the way you want it to.

What Can You Expect?

You’ll work with a specific K-Tube engineer to develop your idea so that your design and manufacturing needs are incorporated from the start. The result is a design that works and is ready to be transferred to production.

Why Choose K-Tube?

Fast Development

Fast Development

If you need custom tubing quickly we can help.  We have dedicated machines and technicians reserved for rapid deployment so you can hit your deadlines and prove your design.

Premium Quality

Premium Quality

We thrive in highly regulated environments and understand that our products enable life-saving technologies and other critical applications. Whether you’re ordering online or designing custom tubing, your order gets checked and rechecked by our on-site QC lab.


Raw Material Expertise

We manufacture tubing from a wide list of alloys, and our Discover team is staffed with metallurgists and material science experts.  We can help optimize your design by recommending materials aligned with your application. 

Have You Seen Our Free Downloads?

Our guides are filled with specs, answers to common questions, and so much more.

How does it work?

Initial consultation: talk with an engineer

We'll work with you to figure out how we can help you and how to design and prototype what you need.

Proposal for next steps and quote

Once we've learned what you need, we'll create a proposal for how we can respond. It could include research, prototypes, and/or validation runs.

Purchase order

If our plan sounds good to you, just submit a purchase order and we'll get started.

Preparation and Prototyping

We'll buy materials and assign engineers to your project. If we need to, we'll do research, sample generations, and validation runs. Once we think we have answers, we'll bring them to you.


We'll deliver options for you to evaluate. If you like how a design works for your application, we can lock it down and create a custom K-Tube part number for your product.

Transfer to production

That custom K-Tube part number makes it easy to transfer your unique design to K-Tube Design for quick manufacturing of large-scale runs.

Start Your Project

Ready to start your project? Then complete our project form and we will provide a quotation or follow up questions within 1-2 business days.